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  • Alistair thought cycling back from Bristol would be a good training opportunity so me, Craig & Alistair boarded the 09:57… More →
  • On Saturday I am flying out to Istanbul to carry Dave Devenish's bags in his travels. I am really looking forward to stepping… More →
  • Notes from my message on Sunday: <to listen click here>Whilst the focus of this message is on Abortion, we must… More →
  • On 23 Reading buses for 4 weeks...… More →
  • Calling all 'creatives'! God has gifted many of us with creative gifts; dance, art, drama, video, creative writing.....… More →
  • Next week 23 Reading buses will be carrying an invite to our Sunday meetings on their rear panels...This is the first time… More →
  • It was near perfect running conditions this year, except for a small headwind as you ran back up the A33 towards the Stadium.I… More →
  • My son put me onto this ... a must see for road bike enthusiasts. The out-takes at the end look painful!… More →
  • If you were at our Members Meeting last month you would know that over the next 12 months we shall be cheering on Laura who… More →
  • Given our current sermon series 'Family MATTERS', this movie in cinemas on May 6th may well be of interest... … More →
  • It's all set up; we're waiting for midnight; then the prayer adventure begins...… More →
  • I now realize that a few people are confused about what’s happening on Thursday of this week, so I thought I would try… More →
  • As our 3 congregations continue to grow, we must find ways of expressing being one church. One way we can do that is to book… More →
  • I am preaching this Sunday on 'Family MATTERS - Marriage' and will try to answer this question 'Why does Marriage matter?'To… More →
  • On Sunday I'm speaking at Godfirst in Cheltenham and will touch on gluttony. In my sermon prep I came across Pope Gregory… More →
  • One of our new initiatives for 2014 is to start a 24hr Prayer Room on the first Thursday of each month. Throughout this… More →
  • As RFC continues to grow, it's important we keep reminding everyone that family matters; both 'Our biological Family' and 'Church family'… More →
  • Let a 64 year old woman inspire you in 15 minutes ...… More →
  • 'I've been asked to stay with a couple of people in Nairobi to process information for the US government about what's happening,… More →
  • Many of you will know of Naomi and her work with the Dinka and Nuer people in South Sudan; she is a member of RFC, was sent… More →
  • We have a new initiative this year, the New Year's Eve Prayer Meeting. This will be hosted by Pastor Richard at the church… More →
  • Our congregation that meets in the town centre at 6:30pm @ South St Arts Centre has been steadily growing and we have been… More →
  • As pastors, we are convinced that we change the most when when we regularly read the bible and pray. Yet the bible is a complex… More →
  • I received this email from a friend who is a church leader in Istanbul. I wonder if anyone in RFC would like to explore this opportunity… More →
  • Yesterday, Ben Davies phoned me and asked if he could come to RFC on Sunday. "Of course" was my reply ... He then… More →

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